- our new brand

You don't have time and an idea for dinner?

Or maybe you don't think you have enough skills?

According to a study

4 out of 10Poles admit that they can't cook,

and3 out of 10 don't cook at all.

Despite this 45% of respondentsadmit

that likes to experiment with flavors.

Is the solution a daily visit to the restaurant?
Not necessarily!

Thanks to our new brand "Do Poultry"
anyone can become a chef in their home
and get to know the flavors from around the world
cheaply and quickly! Just insert a ready dish with spices:

to the oven,

into the pan

or grill


Without a long shopping list, hours spent in the kitchen and a sink full of dishes!

Is healthier and easier possible?


  • You can make them quickly (e.g. 30-40 min in the oven)

  • Balanced diet

  • Tastes from around the world

  • Healthy and tasty

  • You don't have to plan shopping

  • No dirty dishes after cooking

  • No leftovers - because you buy exactly as much as you eat,

  • ... and that's why you pay less!

All products

Chicken breast schnitzel

with spicy mango sauce.

Chicken thigh rolls

wrapped in bacon with carrots.

Chicken shashlik

with zucchini, peppers and pineapple.



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