Our history began in 1994

in the village of Dębienko near Poznań

That's where Krystyna and Eugeniusz Hamrol they set up a small poultry slaughterhouse.

Thanks to hard work, willingness to develop and high quality products, the company entered into cooperation with the Dutch company 2 Sisters Storteboom in 2004.
- this is how Storteboom Hamrol was created.

Today we operate in a modern plant
in Kotowo near Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

Thanks to innovative technologies, we are able to process nearly 1.6 million broilers a week, which makes us one
of the leaders in Poland!

close with suppliers!

Storteboom Hamrol's main slogan is cooperation!

We maintain the best possible contact with our suppliers at every stage of the production chain, actually from laying eggs to supplying the customer with the finished product. This process is based on strict quality control and modern socially responsible business policy!

our priorities

  • client satisfaction

  • providing the highest quality products

  • enthusiasm for work

  • food safety

  • respect for environmental sustainability

  • animal welfare

  • discipline

  • excellent results

  • innovations

  • reliability



Kotowo 1A, 62-066 Granowo

Livestock Purchase Department

Tel: +48/61 44 53 306

Purchase Department

Tel: +48/61 44 53 371


KOMORNIKI / ul. Polna 117,
62-052 Komorniki

Purchase Department

Tel: Tel +48/61 44 53 343